Your Team

Javier E. Garrido L.

MD, Msc

With a Master’s Degree in Stem Cell Therapy and Longevity Medicine, Dr. Garrido is a specialist in his profession and dedicated to giving his patients a higher quality of life.

Dr. Garrido has worked hard to advance his career since he started in 2011, expanding his expertise and achieving his objectives. He is well qualified to serve his patients and give them the best treatment possible.

Jonathan J. Hernández MSc, PhD.

Chief Scientific Officer

Jonathan J. Hernández, MSc, PhD, our Chief Scientific Officer, is a seasoned scientist and entrepreneur with a passion for mesenchymal stem cells and human physiology.

He obtained his PhD in Physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and also holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology.

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Pierre Serhal

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur with a passion for technology. He founded several successful companies in the in the field of information technology and digital payments. With his growing interest in biotechnology, currently serves as President of the Panama Regeneration Clinic, leading advances in regenerative medicine. His dedication to innovation and his previous experience previous experience position him to take on new challenges in this constantly evolving field.

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M. Madelyn Rodríguez

Staff Nurse

Sofía Gutiérrez D

General Manager / Team Leader

Diana V. Moscoso R

Executive Patient Coordinator

Kimberly A. McIntosh T

Manufacturing and Stem Cell Bank Coordinator (LAB)

Andrea I. Rodríguez T

Customer Experience Host

Vanessa Barrios

Clinical Laboratory Technician and Adult Stem Cell Culture

Jorge L. Castro I

Research Assistant

Kathia Espinosa

Lab Manager