Treatment Pricing

At The Regeneration Clinic, we prioritize personalized care. Our treatment protocols are tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring optimal results.

Treatment Protocols:

  • Individually designed for each patient.
  • Based on various factors such as medical history, severity of condition, and specific treatment goals.
  • Typically include 3 to 7 separate stem cell infusions/injections.
  • Total treatment duration ranges from 3 to 7 days.

Quotation Process:

  1. Schedule a consultation with our patient advocate to discuss your needs and gather preliminary information.
  2. Complete the patient intake form, providing all necessary details, including medical history and current health status.
  3. Our team will review the information and determine the most suitable treatment protocol for you.
  4. We will contact you for an initial informative session and provide a detailed fee quotation.

Fee Range:

Treatment costs vary between $5,000 USD and $30,000 USD, depending on the treatment protocol.

Included in the Fee:

  • Customized treatment protocol tailored to your specific needs.
  • Airport transportation to and from the hotel.
  • Comprehensive pre-treatment assessment and evaluation.
  • Dedicated patient care coordinator for assistance throughout your treatment journey.
  • Post-treatment follow-up and support.-Access to our patient education resources and materials.
  • Complimentary wellness consultation to enhance treatment outcomes.


We offer a special corporate rate at the Sortis hotel, conveniently located next to our clinic.


This treatment is not covered by local or international health insurance.
We do not provide itemized bills.
Please note that this is not a clinical trial.