Our Approach

At Regeneration Clinic of Panama, we’re all about personalized healthcare. We dive deep to understand the root of your health concerns, using specialized tests to shape the perfect treatment plan for you.

ACustomized protocol rc

Specialized Testing:

– Comprehensive studies based on your specific condition.

– Assessments include body composition, biomarkers, cellular nutrition, gut health, DNA methylation, EEG, and more.

ASpecialized Testing rc

Customized Protocol:

– After evaluating your results, we craft a protocol tailored to your needs.

– Treatments can last between 3 to 7 days, with 1 to 5 applications of mesenchymal stem cells.

– To optimize conditions for stem cell transplantation, we may administer a preparatory nutritional IV cocktail.

APost Treatment Plan rc

Post-Treatment Plan:

– You’ll depart with a detailed plan, including supplementation and lifestyle changes to enhance the benefits of the treatment received.

AExceptional Aftercare rc

Exceptional Aftercare:

– Our commitment extends beyond your treatment.

– Our dedicated team will be in-touch and always available to answer any questions, monitor your progress, and ensure optimal results.